Rare Jazz Live in Europe: Eric Dolphy Last Concerts 1964

Eric Dolphy died, only 36, for a diabetic coma, june 29, 1964 in Berlin, during his European tournée.

In the last days of his life he performed 2 different concerts: the first for the radio station V.A.R.A. in Holland with a local rhythm session including 2 young Dutch musicians that in the following years will become famous. The pianist Misha Mengelberg and the drummer Han Bennink. Here we have only two of the tracks played that evening.

The second one, featuring Donald Byard at trumpet and some other local instrumentalists, in a night club in Paris (France) Le Chat Qui Pêche.
This concert is complete
and we can listen to a last original of Dolphy “Springtime” never recorded prior to this session.


Eric Dolphy – Last Concerts in Europe

01. South Street Exit (E. Dolphy) 7’10
02. The Madrig Speaks, The Panther (E. Dolphy) 4’50

Eric Dolphy (as, fl. on 1)
Misha Mengelberg (pno)
Jacques Schols (bass)
Han Bennink (dr)

recorded live at Hilversum (Holland), june 2, 1964 (radio broadcast)

03. Springtime (E. Dolphy) 19’20
04. Naima (J. Coltrane) 15’12
05. Ode to Charlie Parker (Byard- Pickering) 5’28
06. G. W. (E. Dolphy) 5’58
07. Serene (E. Dolphy) 7’38
08. 245 (E. Dolphy) 10’05

Eric Dolphy (as, bcl on 3, 4, 7, fl on 5)
Donald Byrd (tr)
Nathan Davis (ts)
Jack Diéval (pno)
Jacques Hess (bass)
Franco Manzecchi (dr)
Jacky Bambou (congas).

recorded live at Le Chat Qui Pêche, Paris (France), june 11, 1964

All these tracks appeared before spread in different albums, I have put them here together.

part 1
part 2
part 3

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